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Thank you for your interest in Gold Coast Newfoundlands. We ask that you fill out and return this form to us. This will help us get to know more about you and your family. We take great care in picking homes for our puppies. We want to make sure that you are right for our puppies and that our puppies are right for you. Each new puppy owner becomes a member of the Gold Coast family. Our hope is that we maintain contact with you and your new addition throughout their lifetime.


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1. When and how did you become acquainted with the Newfoundland dog?




2. What characteristics do you seek in a Newfoundland?


3. Have you ever owned a dog? When? What happened to the dog?





4. Do you have any pets now? Type? Owned for how long?




5. Please give us the name and phone # of your current veterinarian or a veterinarian you have used in the past.




6. Who lives in your household?





If there is more than one adult, do you both work outside the home?





How many children live at home?               Ages?



Do you anticipate any major changes in your household?



7. Who will be responsible for the care of your Newf?



8. Do you rent or own? House, condo or apartment?




9. Are you anticipating a move? Where? When?



10. Do you have a fenced yard? Fencing type and height? Size of yard?




11. Will the dog be housed inside or outside? Please elaborate


12. How will the dog be housed/confined during your absence?




13. Who will care for the dog when you are away from home for extended periods of time or on vacation?



14. Do all family members want a dog?



15. Your puppy will require housetraining, training to keep him off furniture and from jumping up, socialization and training classes, daily exercise and weekly grooming. During the first several months it will be much like having a new baby in that it disrupts your life. Do you understand the time, energy and expense that will be required to get a Newfoundland puppy through it¹s first year?



16. Will you promise to attend obedience training class and puppy socialization class with your Newfoundland puppy?



17. Do you want a male or female puppy?



18. Would you consider either male or female?



19. Do you seek to show/breed your dog? If yes, please elaborate



20. Do have any interest in grown dogs typically between the ages of 1-4 years?



21. In placing dogs/puppies with buyers, we consider the agreement a pact between the parties whose main goal is the love and proper care of our Newfoundlands. Do you agree?



22. I ask all puppy buyers to buy pet insurance.  Do you have a problem with this?


Please sign and date below. Return to our address on the first page or you can e-mail your responses. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. We want each Newfoundland to be in the best possible home!










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