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Welcome, and thank you for logging onto Goldcoast Newfoundlands.  We would like to introduce ourselves, and to help guide you through what we¹re sure is a very exciting and often times confusing search for the right Newfoundland breeder.

Our names are Janet and Jerry Cohen. Our adventure into this  magnificent breed started in 1994, when we drove 10 hours to Buffalo New York to purchase our first Newfie, Maggie.  We took her to many Newfie club outings and fun matches . At one of these matches flying around was a "Show Bug" and boy  were we  bitten!!   After a time and a little knowledge we realized that although Maggie was a great dog, we knew she wasn¹t a show dog. We then annoyed Sue Jones (Mooncusser Newfoundlands) for about 2 years, until she acquiesced and sold us Katie, a beautiful Gray girl, who was as showy as can be. Katie was out of the last litters produced by Ch. Pouch Coves Favorite  Son, (Jake) who at the time was the most prolific sire in breed history.

From Katie¹s first litter in 1998 we kept a puppy we called Jordan (Ch. Goldcoast¹s here comes Mr. Jordan) Jordan is a four time best in show winner. The records he holds are: He is the fifth most winning Newf of breed wins of all time, and holds the record of 5 straight years in the top twenty. At the Newfoundland National in Maryland, he won Best Veteran in sweeps and the classes.

Our foundation stock has predominantly been Mooncusser and Pouch Cove lines.  Occasionally we have used other top kennels when we want to introduce another “look” into our breeding program.

With the good fortune of having great mentors from the start, we pride ourselves in continuing that tradition.  In your search for a puppy or older dog, it is not only important to know who has puppies available but the relationship with breeder is as important as the puppy itself.

We enjoy answering all of your inquiries, and are available to have you visit our kennels if ever you’re just debating between a Newfie and another breed. Buying a Puppy is a serious commitment.  Take your time, do your homework. Most of all be patient (We know that's the hard part)

Good Luck in your Search
Janet & Jerry Cohen

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